DINOSAUR BBQ & PARK | STEM-RESORT OKINAWA Thank you for visiting Stem resort Toyosaki. Here are some notes on using our service.
Please check the precautions carefully and enjoy Stem resort.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask our staff

    Make a reservation
  • Reservations will be made by phone.
    Japan : 098-996-3791
    International : +8180-6485-6119
  • We accept seat selection when making a reservation
    However, the seat you have selected may fill up
    In that case, please note that you may be asked to select your seat again
    Please confirm your seat at the reception on the day of use
  • When making a reservation, please tell us the reservation time, number of people, ordering food or bringing in
  • Reservation acceptance start and deadline
  • To change food that you ordered or make additional reservations, please call by 21:00 the day before the day of use
  • If we have empty seats, we can take a reservation by phone on the day
  • About reservation for BBQ food and all-you-can-drink plan
  • Reservation of food and all-you-can-drink plan can be reserved together with seat reservation
  • In principle, the all-you-can-drink plan requires to order for all except those under age 12 (All-you-can-drink age under 20 is served soft drink)
    Free for age 0-5 and half price for age 6-12
  • All-you-can-drink plan will be available for 2 hours from the start of seating
    Last order is 30 minutes before the end of the all-you-can-drink plan
  • After the reservation deadline, please contact us for additional reservations for food
    Feel free to ask the staff as some menus may be sold on the day
    About usage time
  • Business hours: 10:00-19:00
  • Group advance reservations are accepted by phone or through the group inquiry form
  • However, if you want to reserve by area or all areas, the reservations such as cancellation deadline will be different from general reservationPlease contact us by phone for confirmation and consultation
  • How to make a reservation
  • Reservations can only be made from the inquiry form or phone
  • When making a reservation, we can discuss the area you would like to use
  • If not specified, we will decide the area
    Please note that depending on the reservation situation, you may not be able to use the area you would like
  • Seats with limited number of peopleChildren under age 6 are not included in the number
    Please note that the number is counted from 7 years old and above
  • Reservation acceptance start/deadline
  • Advance reservations are accepted at any time for groups of 20 people or more
  • Please take a look at the below section for additional reservations for food and all-you-can-drink plans
  • About reservation of BBQ food and all-you-can-drink
  • Reservation of food and all-you-can-drink plan can be reserved together with area reservation
  • We offer various food plans for customers who make group reservations
    ※For details, please call us
  • All-you-can-drink plan will be available for 2 hours from the start of seating
    Last order is 30 minutes before the all-you-can-drink end time
  • After the reservation deadline, it is not possible to make additional reservations for food, but some menus may be sold on the day, so please feel free to ask us
  • After the reservation deadline, if the change to the all-you-can-drink plan or the number of people occurs
    Please contact us by phone. Please note that we may not be able to accept it depending on the stock status
  • About reservation changes
  • To change the reservation details regarding the number of seats, area and food, in principle, please call by 10 pm 10 days before the date of use
  • We will do our best to meet the availability for customee’s request
    However, we may not be able to take requests depending on the situation
  • Payment will be accepted by cash or credit card after using BBQ on the day
  • For corporate payments, please contact us by phone in advance for payment by transfer or credit card
  • We accept cash, credit card, ID, QR, transportation IC card, application payment at the reception before using the facility
    Cancellation fee
  • If the store decides to close due to weather, no cancellation fee will be charged (If it is closed, we will post it in the business information section of the website)
  • 50% of the reservation fee will be charged as a cancellation fee due to the customer’s circumstances three or two days before the date of use
  • 100% of the reservation fee will be charged for cancellation on the day before or on the day
  • If you cancel without notice for any reason, 100% of reservation fee will be charged as the cancellation fee
  • Regarding cancellation fee payment, please make a payment to the designated account within 3 days from the scheduled date of use
    ( We will send a invoice to your registered address. Please refer to the invoice for account information)
  • Cancellation fee will be paid by bank transfer, mail and cash at Stem resort
  • There is no cancellation fee if the Air plane does not take off
    In principle, a cancellation fee will be charged if the flight is delayed
    About bringing in food and drinks
  • You are free to bring your own food. However, admission of outside vendors and business activities inside the venue are prohibited. Please be careful if you plan to use an external liquor store or catering service
  • It is prohibited to bring in chairs, tables, gas stoves, charcoal, bottled drinks.
  • Please note that there is a charge for bringing your own food and drinks
  • We do not accept or store luggage by customers. Please refrain from using the home delivery service that specifies the local destination such as food and drink
  • About food safety management
  • Regarding meat products handled at this facility, when providing them to customers in consideration of safety, we perform refrigeration and thawing from the day before to maintain quality and manage safety
  • Although we carefully provide safe food, we ask our customers to pay full attention to the following points
  • Precautions for customers regarding food (please be aware of food brought by customers)
  • Always keep food in a cool pack. Please be careful not to leave raw meat outside, especially in the summer
  • Please cook food as soon as possible
  • It may be dangerous to take the food left over back to home on the day due to perspective of food poisoning. Please note that we are not responsible for that
  • Cook food well
  • Be sure to use the tongs when you cook food. Do not use chopsticks for cooking
    (If meat is grilling at 75 degrees Celsius or higher for 1 minute or more, bacteria will be killed. One reason could lead bacteria entering the mouth is when you put the chopsticks on the raw meat. (As well please be careful about vegetables and seafood.)
  • Please note that we cannot be held responsible for any problems caused by the customer’s usage and management of food
  • If it is difficult to ensure the safety of customers due to the weather such as typhoons, strong winds, heavy rain, various weather warnings are issued, we will close even during business hours
    For safety reasons, you may be asked to leave (At that time, please note that we do not refund the fee once we received)
  • If we decide to close Stem resort due to the above reasons by the day before, we will contact you directly by phone
  • If you anticipate bad weather, please check the sales information section on the website before going out. In case of sudden weather deterioration, closing information will be posted by 9 am on the day of the event
  • In case of rain
  • Rain may get into your seat. The sheet is not covered to prevent rain from entering
  • You can touch dinosaur, but please refrain touching moving dinosaurs. Also, please note that the dinosaur itself is extremely hot due to the heat of the sun
  • About pool and jacuzzi
  • Swimwear is required. People who are drunks are prohibited into the pool and jacuzzi.
  • Please do not walk without shoes. Walking barefoot may cause burns

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